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First Steps: Choosing your CrossFit Box is crucial

There is no doubt that CrossFit is a powerful and potentially life changing lifestyle choice. By joining a CrossFit gym aka “Box”, you are making a lifestyle choice that is prioritising long-term health and fitness that will allow you to express yourself to your best ability in whatever your chosen pursuits are.   CrossFit is an affiliation business. This means owners have free reign when it comes to running their business. So, there can be a large variation in how boxes are run, their ethos, target market etc.   CrossFit as a training modality sometimes gets a bad rep… However it’s my belief it’s not CrossFit but the coaches/ owners that are at fault. This can lead to a less than satisfactory CrossFit Box, bad experiences, bad coaching and injury. Not what anyone wants to see, especially those who are so passionate about CrossFit and its potential life changing results.   So how do you find a good box?   So here are some the top things I would suggest you look for in a CrossFit Box when deciding if it’s the best for you.   Do they Offer a DESIGNATED Taster session?   Its unprofessional to drop you straight into a class, as coaches we don’t know you skill, fitness, technique, movement, mobility level. Your safety and enjoyment are paramount at this stage, so at CrossFit ASG, Southport we offer a FREE 1:1 Taster session. You’re safe, you’ll enjoy it, feel supported and we really get to know each other.   What’s the Coach’s Philosophy and their reason for running a CrossFit Gym?   The motivation of the CrossFit Box and the coaches are so important; You have know and feel like you will fit in, be supported and helped to achieve your goals.   At CrossFit ASG, a CrossFit gym in Southport, UK it’s all about the community. This is the glue that keeps people training long-term and guarantees success. Mirrors are conspicuous by their absence as are the Ego’s!   Does the CrossFit Gym offer an ‘On-Ramp’ or a ‘Sling-Shot’ membership pathway?   The first 90 Days in any new venture are critical. In CrossFit this is no different. Does the CrossFit Gym offer an intro program? CrossFit Boxes can be intimidating, CrossFit encompasses all aspects of Fitness and as the majority of CrossFit sessions are group sessions, it’s essential to be versed in all the fundamental skills and movements, and to be able to hold your own… this is the purpose of the Introductory programme.   At CrossFit ASG, the first CrossFit gym in Southport our intro programme is called the “On-Ramp”, it is 8 progressive sessions run over 4 weeks. By the end of it you are ready for the CrossFit classes… In-fact, you’re chomping at the bit!   A 2 hour “Sling-Shot” session just doesn’t cut it and is again unprofessional and leads to an increased level of churn, possible injury, and failure.   Are the classes Capped?   Capped classes indicate a priority is placed on Safety, quality coaching and having a professional focus. Uncapped classes can not be planned in terms of coaching staff, class management, kit allocation so you may find 10, 20, 30 athletes with one coach. No matter how good they are this is impossible to manage, coach and keep safe.   Welcoming Staff & Members   I attended a CrossFit gym in Las Vegas, and being from the UK, I thought they might make an effort to make me feel welcome; Not one athlete said hello! I’ll never return to that Box.   At CrossFit ASG, Southport you’ll find, even during your taster session, if athletes are about they’ll come and say hello. In your first few sessions after the On-Ramp programme, the athletes in our Southport gym that you’ll train with will know you by the end of the warm up!   We Work together, Play together and Celebrate together. I hope that should you decide to investigate CrossFit, that this list will help you make the best choice.  

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